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The Watch NOW

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How they experience The Watch NOW

For me, living in the now means being fully present in the now. Feeling your body, taking in all impressions and remembering that only the now really exists. My NOW watch reminds me of this. Enjoy the now!

Mayke Niestadt

My ultimate Now Moment are the walks in the woods and breakfasts with my family on lazy Sunday mornings. It’s wonderful to be together, not having to rush and to feel the connection with myself and each other. You can’t make me happier than that.

Hanneke Peeters

It’s important to me to live in the moment. It reminds me to enjoy the now, the moments with friends and family or just when I’m with myself. This way you’re not always looking for the highs, but you also learn to give the lows space and deal with them.

Yvonne Bruin

Great quality. Exactly what I was hoping for ❤️

Justine Sanders

Right in the middle for me, always rushing and living on the clock. Now that I wear this piece of jewellery, I have a moment of awareness at least 10 times a day. Very good! And it looks super pretty! Also very nice to give as a gift!


Received this beautiful watch as a gift. This really helps to stay in the now. When I'm in a hurry and look at my watch, I automatically calm down. And I also get a lot of nice comments about it from people around me.


This is the gift for people who are stressed, rushed, busy or overly time-conscious. These days, we find it so normal to always be running from place to place, from appointment to appointment. And we don't realise how much damage this does in the long run - both mentally and physically. This piece of jewellery reminds you to slow down and reflect on the now. Highly recommended!


The origins

The story of The Watch NOW

The Watch Now was born from a shared vision and experience of two ambitious business partners. In a world full of deadlines, social obligations and constant pressure, we realized the importance of cherishing moments of rest and awareness. Our goal is to inspire people daily to become more appreciative of the small and big things around them.

Read on about our story and how our timeless watches can guide you to a more mindful life.

NOW Greeting cards

The right card for the best moments

Spread happy moments with these cards and let your loved ones know you are thinking of them.

A thank you for always being there for you, letting them know that you are always there for them, how special they are, the best moment you had together and wishing them all the happiness in the world.

A special moment of happiness to give at any time.