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Detox, juice

5 reasons to detox, juice

You’ve probably noticed that detoxing, or ‘juicing’, has gained a lot of popularity lately. But does it really work? Well, with the right approach, a regular detox can result in some very positive effects. We have listed 5 reason to detox, juice…

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Why detox, juice

#1. Remove toxins from your body
Throughout our lives, we are being constantly exposed to toxins, such as the preservatives in our food, the chemicals in our skin-care products and medication, environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. These toxins are stored in our cells, and affect our behaviour, our metabolism, and our immune system. By doing a detox every once in a while, you can remove a substantial amount of these toxins from your system.


#2. Prevent chronic diseases
Those toxins we mentioned above, can over time lead to serious chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, neurological diseases and cancer. Although our bodies are equipped with a built-in detox function to eliminate these toxins, in these modern times (where we are exposed to toxins more than ever before) they are constantly working overtime. Detoxing helps our bodies to get rid of toxins in a natural way.


#3. Lose weight
As we mentioned before, toxins can also affect our metabolism. If our body’s natural ability to burn fat is compromised, this can lead to weight gain, which in turn can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Through detoxing, you can help your body to remove the toxins that are stored in fat cells and increase your metabolism. This often results in weight loss.


#4. Enhance your immune system
Because our bodies are constantly working to dispose of all those toxins, our immune system suffers. And when our immune system is compromised, we become more vulnerable. We get sick more often, feel lethargic and become less productive. Detoxing helps to strengthen your immune system, so that your body is better capable to fight off bacteria and viruses.


#5. Improve mental health
Despite the fact that much of the human brain is still a big mystery to science, we do know that long-term exposure to toxins has a negative impact on our mental health. There are certain toxins that are linked to depression, for example. Others are linked to anxiety, concentration problems, confusion, extreme mood swings, paranoia, memory loss and even dementia.

Regular detoxing, when done correctly, will give you mental as well as emotional clarity. This will help you make better decisions, be more productive, and feel more grounded.

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