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How to create your own mindfulness corner at home

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While it’s slowly becoming more accepted to postpone or divert from the traditional ‘family setting’ of a household, getting your own place, just for you alone, seems to become more difficult every year. No wonder, with a serious shortage in housing and mortgages so high that the only way to get a decent place is if you share it with at least six people. Not that there is anything wrong sharing your living space – many people even prefer it. However, living with others comes with its own challenges. It can feel crowded, sometimes even very distracting. This makes it hard to carve out time to get creative, get some journaling done, practise yoga, do some breathing exercises or meditate – all activities that usually work best when you have the time and space to focus on yourself, without anyone disturbing you. But even when you are part of a full house, you can still create a designated space where you can disconnect and just be. Read on to find out how to create your own mindfulness corner at home.

Create your own mindfulness corner

In order to create your very own mindfulness corner at home, ask yourself these five questions:


First you have to ask yourself who will be using your mindfulness corner. You, obviously. But maybe there is someone else in your household who would like to use it as well? If you decide it is going to be a shared space, talk with the other person and lay down some ground rules about how you are going to share the space. Sharing means you also have to agree to some level about what you both consider peaceful. Close your eyes and visualize your perfect mindfulness corner. Write it down, create a mindmap or draw it, and then compare notes. That said… if you don’t feel comfortable sharing this space, be honest about it. Everyone that uses it will have an impact on the energy, so it’s perfectly okay to set boundaries!


Think of what you want to have in your mindfulness corner. Soft things are always nice: a fluffy rug, a few pillows and a blanket are things that put most of us at ease automatically. Things like candles, incense and music are a nice addition as well, depending on what you like. Maybe you want to hang up a frame with your mantra or something else that inspires you. If you are going to use your corner to do yoga, a mat could be nice – but it’s not essential. I actually started out without a mat, with the intention of getting a really nice one later on, and years later I am still perfectly okay to practise without a mat. If you’re going to be reflecting and journaling, make sure you have a notepad and a pen ready. Art supplies are great if you’re creative. It’s all up to you.


It may not seem very important when you plan to use your mindfulness corner, but it is if you want to keep yourself accountable. Are you a morning person and can you find enough space in your schedule to add it to your morning routine? That’s great! Others, especially those who work or study outside of the house, may benefit more from an evening routine to unwind from their day. The answer to your ‘When?’ question is extra important when you’re going to be sharing the space, so you can find a way to both use it without disturbing each other.


We don’t all have the luxury of dedicating an entire space to mindfulness, in which case you have to work with what you got. Maybe you can use your mindful home office, or there’s a nook or corner that you can use. A spot that gets some sunlight is the best, as it will feel like a natural docking station. In a really busy household, a closet will provide you with the privacy you need – although that’s not ideal for doing yoga, of course. And don’t limit yourself to an indoor space. Maybe there is a big tree or a cosy shed or porch that would actually work perfectly for you. If you pick an outdoor space, find a basket, box or tray where you can store your items and bring them with you whenever you want to retreat.


You know why you need a mindfulness corner. But the other members of your household may not. If you want them to respect your space and the time you spend there, explain to them why it is so important to you. Also inform them about the when-aspect, so they know when you will be there and shouldn’t disturb you.

Final thoughts

Having a mindfulness corner is the perfect way to disconnect from the daily grind, to ground yourself and protect your energy from the chaos around you. But even if you do have a place all for yourself, it can still be worth it to create a little sacred corner – even if it’s just to have a daily reminder to check in with yourself and be present.

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