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Relaxing tips

How to relax on a Sunday

You are finally free and have a busy week ahead. With everything that is coming, it is not entirely possible to find peace or enjoy that Sunday. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how to enjoy a day off. With all the things going on from last week and new stuff from next week your head is full on a Sunday. Read this blog and check these relaxing tips so you can get everything out of this day!

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Get everything out of this day

#1. Read that book
Really take a moment to start a new book or to continue reading the one where you left off. Reading gives peace in a very different way. You are not concerned with what is happening around, but with the story you are reading.

#2. Listen to music (and dance)
Put on your favourite playlist! On Spotify you can find a playlist linked to your mood. Are you in for love songs or only just relaxing sounds? Search and you will find it. While listening you can relax or maybe even dance your worries away.

#3. Go outside
Go outside and explore the area in which you live. Look for specific small things. Maybe there is a beautiful lake, forest or park nearby. No better way to relax on a Sunday then walking through beautiful nature.

#4. Do something you love
A hobby that you haven’t done for a long time? Being creative, draw of a puzzle of 1000 pieces? Watching that old movie again and get your favourite snacks. On Sunday everything is allowed and it’s a perfect day to do exactly what you haven’t done for a long time!

#5. Plan out your week
Make a plan for coming the week. What has priority and when are moments to exercise and recover? Plan enough moments to enjoy around all that has to be done. And don’t forget to take a little moment for yourself every day.

#6. Go to bed early
Enough sleep gives you enough energy for the busy week that is coming. Make sure you have a nice warm bed with a cup of tea before.

Taking care of yourself is important, it gives you a boost for the week to come and it makes sure your head is where it needs to be. Good luck and kick some ass!

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