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It is an experience with both individual and collective benefits

Why you should try meditating with other people

The very first party I went to after the last lockdown, was truly a spiritual experience. Before the dj came on, a woman entered the stage. Every single person in the room instantly sat down on the dancefloor. The woman then proceeded to guide us through a meditation, where we basically all made individual balls of positive energy. At the end, we collectively send all that energy towards Ukraine. I had never experienced something like this before. When I told a couple of people about that party, I got positive responses but also some frowns. “Why would you want to meditate at a party?” someone asked me. The truth is, I always considered meditating as something very personal and intimate. I had never even thought about meditating with so many people at the same time. I was deeply impressed by how powerful that felt, and how immediate the connection was with some of the people around me. It was that guided meditation that set the tone for the entire night. I danced for hours afterwards, running on nothing but positive vibes, beautiful people and good music. It doesn’t have to be like this, though; you can also try a more low-key approach. Here’s why I think you should try meditating with other people.

meditating with other people, samen mediteren
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Reasons to try meditating with other people

When you meditate alone, this usually creates feelings of increased awareness, deep relaxation, enhanced focus and peace of mind. Once you try meditating with other people, you will not only notice that all those effects intensify, but also that they expand to your surroundings. The benefits of meditating in group settings, are therefore individual as well as collective.

Meditating with other people will also enable you to take advantage of the raised vibrations of those around you. You basically get to ‘hold on’ to the vibes of the others and pull yourself towards the headspace where you want to be. This is especially beneficial for beginners as well as those who have a little more trouble to quiet their thoughts or get in the zone.

Like I mentioned before, meditating was always very personal and intimate to me – and I’m sure I am not the only one who feels that way. And this is exactly why you should try meditating with other people! During the pandemic, many of us realized the need for deep, meaningful connections. Whatever happens on a biological or chemical level when we’re meditating together, it results in an incredible interconnectedness. The experience can truly strengthen bonds. Even with people you only just met.

Final thoughts

All we are is energy. Meditating with other people will enhance that energy and help everyone involved to open themselves up, relax in each other’s company and experience interconnected feelings. You can do it with your best friend, sibling or partner or in a group setting. Either way, it is a great way to start a new practice or to help you find your way back to a regular practice.  

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