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Fun and easy

Mindfulness activities for kids

After discovering mindfulness for yourself, it is something you would like to share with your loved ones of course! And who better to share it with, than your children? It will leave them less stressed, feel less anxious and teach them an awareness of their body and mind. Since mindfulness is already a challenging task for an adult, it will be even harder trying to teach it to your children. Here are some activities you can do with them to teach them in a fun and easy way:

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Repeat these 3 exercises

#1. Take a walk
Walking with your kids is something you might be doing already, but try to keep them present in the moment by pointing out their surroundings to them. Tell them to listen to the birds, smell the fresh-cut grass, feel the different textures in nature and make splashes in the water.

#2. Practice breathing
Breathing exercises are very important in relaxation but are usually really difficult for children. To teach how to breathe deeply and slowly you could use some tools like blowing bubbles, blowing out candles or letting them hold their breath while you count to 5. Another way to teach them is to have them lay on their back with their favourite stuffed animal on their belly. As they breathe in and out they can focus on the rise and fall of the animal.

#3. Body scan
To help kids learn about their body, you can try this tension exercise. It will teach them to recognize the difference between their body in a tense and calm state. Your child should lay on its back and tense up all the muscles in his body. Starting at their feet and ending up at his head and hold for about 10 to 15 seconds. After releasing, tell them to relax and ask them how they feel.

When repeating these exercises regularly, it will improve their ability to concentrate in the classroom but also to understand and control their thoughts and emotions.

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