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Five steps

The law of attraction

For years the law of attraction has been a subject of discussion between philosophers, thinkers, and writers. Does it work, and if so, how does it work? Could you really change your entire life by committing to the law of attraction?

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What is the law of attraction

The law of attraction is the ability to attract into your life whatever you are focussing on. Are you thinking positive thoughts? Positive events will occur in your life. Are you thinking negative thoughts? Then negative actions will follow. With the law of attraction, it is believed that all thoughts turn into things eventually. For example: When you just bought a new car, that is all that’s on your mind. Whether you really like the car or not, it is a big change in your life so it will be on your mind a lot. This will eventually lead to you seeing this specific car everywhere around you; way more than you used to. It is not true that there are more of this specific car all of a sudden, you are just more focussed on it than you were before, so you will notice it faster. Or when you just started thinking about a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time, and then later that day they text you; that’s what they call the law of attraction.

It does not only work with materialistic things but with feelings and health as well. When you keep thinking about feeling better and other positive things, this will eventually lead to you actually feel better and happier. The universe will create and provide for you that what your thoughts are focussed on. Once you understand the law of attraction and how it works, you can begin to consciously and intentionally create a better life. Curious? Let’s try it out for yourself in the following five steps, have fun!

#1. Reflect
Quietly reflect on what you’d like to manifest but don’t overthink it. Just give it about 2 – 3 minutes of thought. Try to be as specific as possible so it would be something easy to recognize.

#2. Specify
Make an affirmative sentence in your head that specifically states what you want. Keep this sentence hidden in your mind or say it out loud only to yourself.

#3. Know
With peaceful and calm confidence, know that it is already on its way. Strongly believe that what you asked for, is actually going to be given to you.

#4. Feel gratitude
Feel gratitude before you see any physical evidence. Be thankful that whatever is coming, is given to you that day.

#5. Enjoy
Now just go about your day and enjoy whatever the law of attraction has in mind for you.

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