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Old in heart

The struggles of being an old soul

Do you sometimes feel as if you don’t fit in and just prefer being on your own; That you feel way more comfortable with people older than you and are attracted to all things vintage. You might be an old soul! Old souls are old in heart, old in mind, and old in soul. As an old soul your outlook on the world is a little different and you are usually way more matured than your age reflects. You are wise beyond your years and love wisdom, knowledge and truth. You feel like you can connect better with older people and therefor it can be annoying and hard to deal with people your own age sometimes. Here are some struggles people with old souls experience.

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4 struggles of being an old soul

#1. You prefer being alone
You are a lone wolf and enjoy spending time by yourself. This is very often misunderstood for not willing to socialise or being depressed but old souls just really need their own space to recharge from busy days in the outside world.

#2. You tend to overthink everything
From choosing what to eat from a menu in a restaurant to what to say in social situation. Leaving you with a lot of anxiety. Everything passes your mind millions of times leaving you constantly contemplating on what to do. Beside the fast that this can be tiring for you, it can be annoying to the people around you as well.

#3. You fall into the role of advisor
Even though helping people can be nice, it can also be exhausting. As an old soul you automatically fall into the role of advisor in every situation leaving yourself to be overwhelmed with other people’s problems.

#4. You hate small talk
Social situations are not your favourites, and having to have small talk with just somebody; No, thank you! You’d rather have a deep, meaningful, conversation that simulates your thinking. Sometimes this means that others can’t keep up with your conversations, leaving you feeling lonely.

Luckily being an old soul also means you are very thoughtful, caring and wise. So no worries! You just need to find the perfect balance between these traits and you will forever be grateful for your old soul.

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