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Even if nobody can read it, it's a great way to practice intention

Mindfulness & writing with your non-dominant hand

As you probably know, journaling is an excellent way to practice mindfulness. Not only because it helps you to clear your mind, but also because it encourages you to focus on what you are really thinking and feeling instead of how you present yourself to the outside world.

writing with your non-dominant hand
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There is a method that can help to increase your focus even more and write with more intention. Have you ever tried writing with your non-dominant hand?

How writing with your non-dominant hand can help to be more mindful

Just like meditating teaches us to breathe with intention, journaling with your non-dominant hand teaches us to write with intention. I know what you’re thinking right know. It’s going to be an unreadable mess, right? But that’s okay! It’s not so much about the writing itself. It’s about more the fact that you actually have to make an effort to get a word (or something resembling a word) down on paper. Unless you’re ambidextrous (meaning you’re one of the few people that have little to no preference for doing things with one hand or the other) it’s will be quite difficult to write with your less preferred hand. This will inevitably lead you to be more thoughtful about what you’re writing down and really get to the root of your thoughts and feelings. The result may not look neat, but the meaning behind it may resonate with you much more.

A good way to start practising is by finding a quiet place to write and ask yourself a single question. It can be a question like “What are my greatest fears regarding my career?” or “What is one point that I want to improve in my interpersonal relationships?” Then try to write down the answer with your less preferred hand.

Final thoughts

It does not really matter what you decide to focus on during the exercise. The added value of writing with your less-preferred hand lies in creating a time and space where you have to slow down and be more intentional. Consider it another way to get out of your comfort zone through mindfulness. It is a great exercise to practice intention – even if nobody will be able to read it.

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