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What is your ultimate NOW moment?

Mayke Niestadt

Enjoy the NOW

For me, living in the now means being fully present in the now. Feeling your body, taking in all impressions and remembering that only the now really exists. My NOW watch reminds me of this. Enjoy the now!

Cathelijn Paling

That is my​ ultimate NOW moment

Before my burnout, I lived constantly in the future. With endless to-do lists and impossible targets. I completely outran myself in this. The Watch NOW is a nice reminder to check in with yourself every now and then, to close your screen and take a break. A glance at my wrist and the watch immediately brings me back to the here and now. So valuable. More and more often I take a moment for myself, early in the morning, when the whole world is still asleep. Preferably in the summer, on my balcony. With a coffee in my hand and the first rays of sun on my face. That is my ultimate NOW moment.​

Carlijn Sijs

NOW is the only moment we really have

Being in the now means to me the realisation that NOW is the only moment we really have. The future as it is in our heads is just a figment of our imagination in the here and now. I grant it to everyone to be more in the here and now. My favourite Now moment is any moment actually. Playing games with friends, having a nice coffee or walking through the woods. Each and every one of those precious moments. But also the moments when I don’t feel so well, are valuable. There is always a lesson in them. If I had to choose a favourite NOW moment, it would be when I walk through the woods. I love nature and having nice conversations while walking or just being quiet for a moment. Preferably with a coffee in between!

Hanneke Peeters

Feel the connection with myself and each other

My ultimate Now Moment are the walks in the woods and breakfasts with my family on lazy Sunday mornings. It’s wonderful to be together, not having to rush and to feel the connection with myself and each other. You can’t make me happier then that.​

Melissa Kamstra

living in the NOW is the only thing that matters

A conscious breathing. In and out. And then realising that this moment is never coming back. Of all the things we can do and buy these days, time is something you cannot control. It slips through your fingers, like that. This makes me realise that living in the NOW is the only thing that matters, and the Watch Now is a great reminder of that.

Yvonne Bruin

It reminds me to enjoy the NOW

It’s important to me to live in the moment. It reminds me to enjoy the now, the moments with friends and family or just when I’m with myself. This way you’re not always looking for the highs, but you also learn to give the lows space and deal with them.​