Fine collection

The Fine collection proves that minimalism is truly timeless. With its elegant and sophisticated design, this watch is a pleasure to wear. The Fine watch is the perfect accessory for every occasion – during the week and in weekends.

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An accessory that wears like a watch. Showing you the only time we have: NOW. Don’t wait for life to start, put your focus where it matters. The fine edition is available with a genuine leather classic black, forest green, cognac brown and wild leopard strap.

Watch NOW is symbolic of mindful living, and can help you to:

experience each moment with awareness
bring back the special moments in your life
learn how to deal with difficult emotions, like tension, anxiety or pain
spend less energy on worrying
be able to enjoy a busy life
find more moments of joy and inner stillness
it will most definitely not tell you what time it is

Watch NOW is the moment awareness accessory that gives you that little hint on where you are living. Hopefully it will help us, to be more aware, to notice what is happening now.

Simply being aware of the present experience, that is what Watch NOW is about.

Technical data

Case thickness


Strap color

Classic Black, Cognac Brown, Wild Leopard


Genuine leather strap with quick release spring bar

Strap width


Adjustable length

165 – 215 mm


A timeless piece – a watch without time

Dial color

Eggshell White

Watch case

33 mm stainless steel case

Water resistant

Up to 3 ATM (Rain resistant)

Interchangeable straps