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The Relaxed Millennial: A guide to keep calm in a world of #FOMO

FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out” is a real-life paradox (mostly caused by social media) that has plagued millennials causing significant stress in their lives. FOMO makes everyday life look as dull as dishwater. Listen, we get it. But it’s okay to not always be in the know and to sometimes march to the beat of your own drum. We actually prefer it that way. Here are some tips on how to overcome your FOMO:

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What you see isn’t always the truth

Social media has us believing that everyone is hanging out on yachts all of the time, going on wild adventures, trying out 1,000 different exotic foods in South East Asia, getting married to the love of their life and popping out the most beautiful babies. But this is not what everyday life looks like. This is what a ‘highlight reel’ looks like. When you are constantly absorbing these images and videos on Instagram, Netflix or other social media platforms, you start comparing what you see to your own life resulting in a rather ‘mundane’ perspective of your own life. The fact of the matter is, your life is more similar to the people you follow on social media than you might think, because in between those ‘highlights’ everyone goes to work, everyone does things they’d rather not do, and everyone has off-days. They’d just rather not showcase that. So, don’t sweat the small stuff and keep pushing. You’re doing great!

Tap out, then tap in to meditate

With everything going on in the world today it can be a little overwhelming to keep up to date with all the latest news and trends. Social media brings your FOMO to an all-time high and raises the bar for everyone. Especially when you have apps like TikTok and Instagram on your phone constantly reminding you of every hashtag that is currently trending or every new dance challenge that everyone’s doing. Instead, try to take time to meditate and clear your mind. These apps can help you to elevate your mindfulness and finally put a stop to all the mental chatter going on in your mind:

  • Headspace
  • 10% Happier
  • Aura
  • Calm
  • Enso
  • Simple Habit

Remember to be grateful

There’s an old saying that goes: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. What this actually means is that it’s always better to hold onto something you already have than it is to (potentially) risk losing it by trying to attain something better. With that being said, try to be grateful for the things you have at this current moment and gradually work towards the things you want in life. You’ve got this!

Let’s get physical

Often times it seems like our hands and eyes are glued to our phones, but (believe it or not) that is the exact reason why you are experiencing FOMO. Looking at social media highlights can result into depression which makes you use your phone even more creating this vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of. To combat this, try changing your focus and get out more. Take time out of your day to do something that you enjoy, learn a new skill, meet up with friends or call someone you care deeply about. Now get out there, the world is your oyster!

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