Using mindfulness to manifest abundance

manifest abundance
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Using mindfulness to manifest abundance: change your perspective

If you’ve read our blogpost about what mindfulness does to your brain, you know that mindfulness can be a great tool to change your own perspective. This also applies to negative thoughts about your own finances. Practicing mindfulness means increasing your conscious awareness. No matter how deep your negative convictions about money lie, you can train your mind to stop thinking about money in a negative way, and start thinking about it in a positive way. As I mentioned before, your perceptions substantiate your reality. So once you start thinking about money in a positive way, you will start to see your life as a source of financial gain. And that results in manifesting abundance.

The law of attraction

Changing your negative mindset about money into a positive one is the first step. The second step is actually manifesting abundance. If you don’t really believe that using mindfulness to manifest abundance is possible, just take a look at everything that has been written about the law of attraction. This pseudoscience is based on the idea that humans, as well as their thoughts, are all made up of pure energy. While existing negative energy will attract more negative energy, existing positive energy will attract more positive energy – positive energy in the form of abundance, for example.

As the American writer, philosopher and business man Charles Haanel wrote in 1912:

“The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, predominant mental attitude.”

A common misconception surrounding the law of attraction is the idea that it would supposedly diminish the value of self-discipline, determination and hard work. Don’t be mistaken: you still need to be disciplined and determined, and yes, you most likely still need to work hard! If it would be as simple as thinking positive thoughts, there wouldn’t be so much poverty in the world. But when you combine your self-discipline, determination and hard work with mindfulness to manifest abundance, you may very well succeed.

The importance of clarity and precision

When you decide you want to use mindfulness to manifest abundance, there is one extremely crucial thing to keep in mind: the importance of clarity and precision. You’re basically going to ask the universe for what you want. But you need to be very, very clear about what EXACTLY it is that you want, why you want it, and why you deserve it. Crude example: “I want to be rich” is way too vague. A better way to formulate it would be something like: “I am good at what I do and I work very hard. I am thankful for what I already have and I allow myself to have more. When I have more, I have enough to not have to worry about my monthly expenses and I can invest more time to support those around me.” Of course, the way you formulate your ‘question to the universe’ is very personal and will be different for everyone. The important thing is to make sure you are clear and precise about what you want.

Final thoughts

Using mindfulness to manifest abundance means you first need to rewire your brain to change your negative thoughts about money into positive ones. Then, you need to direct your focus on actually attracting abundance. If you constantly focus on how little money you have, you will not generate more. But if you focus on receiving money, you can actually attract it.